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I am pleased to announce that ParticleWave has just launched, a web site where you can submit and vote for your favorite real estate articles.

I launched because I enjoyed using, but as I mention in a recent review, I felt it had a bit too much Spam to succeed in the long run. 

The mission of is to be a promotional tool for Realtors┬«, mortgage brokers, and others in the real estate blogging community, while putting systems and strong moderation in place to keep out the spam.  (What’s the definition of spam?  Well, it’s everything that’s not somehow directly related to real estate.  Yes, Realtors┬« often have laptops, and the laptops often need batteries — but your laptop battery ad is spam.)

As time goes on we’ll have further announcements about and how you can make the most of it to help you get content read. 

Top Contributors Will Be Featured

Within a few days I should have a section on the home page featuring the top six or so contributors.  To encourage you to start publishing your stories, the “top contributor” will be the person who submits the most real estate stories, whether or not the stories are published.   (As the site takes off I may reward other aspects of contributing, such as publishing stories that get good votes, or voting for others’ stories, etc.)

If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment here.

John Lockwood is a software developer who apparently doesn't work hard enough at the job he gets paid to work hard at, he has to also hang around here and write these tutorials. And by the way, THANK YOU to all those who've forked the tutorials on Github. Pull requests written around new articles would be kinda cool! (hint hint).

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4 comments on “Promote Your Real Estate Blog on
  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Very nice John!

    Real Estate Voices was a great idea. Sadly, the spam over run has rendered it all but useless.

    I see a use for a site like this. Good luck with it!

    I submitted some articles. Go over there and vote!

  2. Wow, see that’s more like it!

    Go over there and vote — you bet I will!

  3. John, Great idea and it’s really easy to use. Good luck with it!

  4. Thanks Cyndee, and thanks for giving it a whirl.


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