Non-Violence Triggering The Spam Filter

I recently commented on the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Online piece on Anonmyous targeting the police group that coordinated calls on the Occupy movement.  Unfortunately that comment got trapped in the spam filter.  Not sure why?  What’s so spammy about peace love and understanding?

Anyway, here’s the comment for those of you who may find it interesting:

I’m not sure what scares me more — the police who may do a bad job of enforcing perhaps illegitimate limitations on the first amendment, or anonymous vigilantes encouraging mayhem against them.

It is easy to feel vengeful and to get behind groups like Anonymous as they out the police.  To the extent that we do, however, we cease to be a movement with the moral power to persuade, and become nothing less than the very mob our opponents accuse us of being.

Be firm in working for change.  Be kind to one another (easy) — and be kind to those on the other side who may have done nothing to deserve it (hard).  If enough people do this, no one need fear signing our names to anything. 

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