ParticleWave Origins

Published: Nov 15, 2019 by John Lockwood

ParticleWave Origins

As I write this it’s 2019. ParticleWave was launched as a website in February of 1999, the same month that I launched ParticleWave, Inc. as a California Corporation. At the time I’d been programming for about six years, and ParticleWave offered software contracting services.

The name derived from the dual nature of light and things like the Double Slit Experiment. I’m not sure exactly what that had to do with software, but like the owner of Pyramid trucking in Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions, I “liked the sound of it. Don’t you like the sound of it?”

The California Secretary of State’s web site shows that I relinquished the corporation a few years later in 2003. That was during my brief sojourn “away” from the software engineering field, though I continued to do quite a bit in my new business. I returned to software full time in 2008.

Welcome Back

Since then the web site has languished a fair bit, though I did a lot of writing on other sites. As my wife and I discussed launching our joint Data Analysis / Data Engineering Business, I asked her what name we should use. She said “How about ParticleWave?”

I guess she liked the sound of it, too.